7 Things Interior Designers Dont Tell You

11.   Lighting is the last element to worry about

Wrong! Light is the most important element in your home. It creates ambience, sets the mood and plays with spaces. Even before you start deciding on your furniture or colours play a little attention to how natural light fills the room. This then is your canvas. Get creative!

2.   Natural light is not enough

Sure natural light is important but then it is available only half the time. While you have to take into consideration the way natural light pour in you have to make sure it does not create and blind spots. Use coloured light to fill in dark spaces. This adds depth and makes the place look bigger.


3.   There is a difference between yellow and white light

White light is dead. There we said it. Yellow light if alive. Like the sun it has a warmth that adds to your home. Avoid white light until you have to use it. And then always have an addition source of yellow light in the room.

4.   Brighter is better

You should always have enough light in a room. But that does not mean you have to live on the sun. Dimmers give you total control over the amount of light you have. With this feature you can change the way a room feels in an instant.4
5.   LEDs are the future
Yes they are. And then are also the present. But there are good leds and there are better ones. Chose only TISVA LEDS they have the latest technology and use the finest materials to give you more hours of better light.

6.   Don’t mix and match


Always make sure all your lighting fixtures match. This gives the place a better sense of style. Mixing up fixtures adds a feel of clumsiness and also stops you from having uniform throw of light.

7.   All lighting fixture are not equal

10891550_815917535135329_1235287690894249149_nWe have all heard this one before. And this is the truth. There are so many components that go into a home lighting system. You have to make sure you have the best. The technology, parts and components, the material all play a major role. After all you are not going to change the lights everyday.

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