Form And Function. TISVA Blends Design And Technology Beautifully

Tisva changes hime lighting with dimmers

Home lighting has changed forever. Gone are the days where function was the only thing that mattered. Today lighting fixtures are part of a home’s décor and style.

Technology that is equally beautiful10857918_800916543302095_867542307338434231_n

Tisva understands this perfectly and it shows in every design in our collection. But before we tell you all about how incredible this range looks let us fill you in with the technology because true beauty is not just skin deep.

Tisva has made sure only the best and latest international technology went into the entire collection. Dimmers that allow you to play with the intensity of light, colour changing leds, yellow light with the right warmth and just a few of the feature we ensured. And then there is the quality. Every part of each model meets extremely high quality levels that are check and rechecked.

Form follows function10846122_802892056437877_8877111410137849550_n

Since functionality and the science behind home lighting was taken care of we then concentrated on the form. Here is where we did not hold back.

One side of the range is contemporary. It uses new materials to create forms that are unique. There is the other end that is more classic. Here you will find metals, glass and crystal playing lead roles.10891538_818065918253824_8782989349444112696_n

So whatever your plan for your home check out the tisva collection of home luminaires. We are sure you will build spaces around them.

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