TISVA Kids Range Now Here is Bright Fun Idea

xyzToday kids are under a lot of pressure. School work, extracurricular activities and a lot more put a lot of pressure on them. Let’s not add to weight they carry by putting a strain on their eyes.

10858355_801351306591952_8184450429709352684_nOn an average a child today spend a few hours reading books or information off the net through a iPad of computer. Now if the light in his room is not right it will just make things more tough for him or her.10868084_801765216550561_7987238437779857037_n

Tisva has made sure this does not happen by creating a collection designed especially for your child’s room.

First we have used the best lighting technology available today. From minimum mercury CFLs to the latest in LEDs. Each of these designs spreads light evenly and smoothly. Those designed to created spots do so with diffused beams that don’t irritate the eyes.1463916_793810904012659_7357475448251761518_n

And then there is the element of fun. Tisva has tied up with barbie and hot wheels. The result is a range that will make the child in you also squeal in delight.

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