TISVA Changes Home Lighting With Dimmers.

10869807_800916643302085_7649766422340225399_oHave you ever wondered why candle light makes an evening romantic. Or how conversation becomes more vibrant when the place is bright. This is the magic of light. It creates moods and plays with them. At soft low levels it has a calming effect and as it get brighter it makes life more vibrant.

1392103_817253161668433_3357083039016004099_nNow downlighters. Install them in a passage or on a porch or even along the wall of your living and then see what happens as you play with the intensity of light.

Or think of an evening party which is slowly mellowing down. Instead of turning off the chandelier you can dim it and add drama to the event.

Getting creative with dimmers

Don’t be boring with this amazing feature. You can change the way any place feels by just fine tuning the amount of light. Sure living room, passages and dens are you will automatically want to install them but think a while and you will find many more places.10897967_812909138769502_5741240593901800187_n

Here are a few ideas to get you going. Add them to your bathroom and then when you soak in the tub you can create a candle light  you can play with light and control the way it effects your surroundings. Tisva has made it easy with some innovative technology and a lot of understanding of what we all are really looking for. Now with added dimmers and dimmable drivers you have complete control over the intensity light to create the right mood and ambience.

The TISVA LED range lets you play with light10868223_803841103009639_3582613204842252005_n

The entire Tisva range of led designer home lights are fully compatible with this amazing technology. Let’s start with the feel just at the touch of a button.

Think about the kitchen. Those midnight snacks will taste extra special if you weren’t blinded by a bright light first.

We are sure we have your creative juices flowing. So drop into the nearest tisva store and see how light does what you feel.10374503_790794727647610_3773685484472706361_n