10968498_827797690613980_8608197633645183244_n The lighting system/unit as a whole is called a Luminarie. Luminaries provide glare control, modified light distribution and electricity circuits to the lamp/light source embedded within it. They also provide support to the lamp. The luminarie directs light to where it is needed in terms of distribution and shields the light source from causing glares.  Continue reading


steelwool-458836_1280What is Photometrics? No it is not about clicking photographs nor has it anything to do with your awesome photogenic face, neither it is the number of selfies you can click in a minute. It is a far more serious thing. It is the science of measuring light.

O’ course you cannot measure light with the help of a ruler, or a weight scale.  It is a little more complicated than that. To begin with you need to understand five terms associated with measuring light. Intensity, Flux, Illuminance, Exitance and Luminance. Continue reading

Light Control

10690089_820739877986428_2223749043000119969_nLight sources that have built in optical systems are called Directional Sources or Reflector lamps. Ar, MR, PAR and R lamps are a few examples. Light sources which lack such in-built systems require external devices to modify the direction of light in order to make them useful for architectural applications.
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Auxiliary Equipment

10428415_821171041276645_8033081424772988665_nAll discharge lamps and low-voltage incandescent lamps require auxiliary equipment to provide them with electric current to light up.

Auxiliary equipments are of two types, Ballasts and Transformers. Both consume a little amount of power, adding to the total wattage of the Light Source. Continue reading

Discharge Lamps

10898139_814029441990805_3365697142767661535_nElectric Discharge lamps work by passing electric current through vapour or gas.

The light produced by passing electric current through vapour or gas is of a higher intensity than light produced by passing electricity through filaments. Electric Discharge Lamps are more efficient and have a longer life than filament based lamps (Incandescent lamps). Continue reading